AJ4CO Observatory - Station Description

Some details of the radio observatory
  The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Because every radio astronomy web site must have one of these
The HF Spectrogram

An intro to the bumps, blips, and blobs of upper HF band spectrograms
  Intro to Amateur Radio Astronomy

A very brief presentation given at the Alachua Astronomy Club meeting in September, 2016
The DPS and TFD Array

Details of the receiver and antenna array
  The TWB

Details of the tunable wideband receiver
The Galactic Background in the Upper HF Band

How hot do other people think it is?
  The Quiet Day Curve

How hot does AJ4CO think it is?
Things That Go Hump in the Night

A fun experiment
  Antenna Temperature Calibration Equations for Radio-SkyPipe

One way to set up a well-calibrated system
Cassiopeia A Scintillation Observed by Radio Jove Participants

Putting ionospheric dynamics to work

If you do it, write it down already

Details of the fast Fourier transform
  Quiet Sun 20 MHz Antenna Temperature Analysis

How hot is the Sun at 20 MHz?
Faraday Bands for Fun and Profit

What they are and why they happen
  Implementation of Median Smoothing in Radio-SkyPipe II

A simple way to do median smoothing in RSP
A Different Kind of Solar Power

Solar radio burst output in terms of atomic bomb yield

What are they?
Cable Sweep Cheat Sheet

How long is that coax cable, anyway?
  Reber's Cosmology

Problems with Grote Reber's cosmology
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Cheat Sheet

CMBR theory versus reality
  HF Galactic Background Cheat Sheet

The galactic background synchrotron radiation antenna temperature in the HF band
UFRO 5722 Noise Source User's Manual

How to make it go
  AJ4CO Automatic Calibrator

The tedious details
Noise Generator Measurement

How to measure the ouput of a noise generator
  TFD Antenna Efficiency Analysis

Measurement of antenna efficiency