Located in High Springs, Florida, AJ4CO Observatory is operated by Dave Typinski, amateur radio call sign AJ4CO. The observatory's primary concern is radio astronomy in the 16 to 32 MHz region of the radio frequency spectrum -- more or less the upper half of the HF band -- with a focus on Jupiter radio emission in particular. Cosmic emission sources in this band include Jupiter, the Sun, supernova remnants, active galactic nuclei, and the Milky Way galaxy's diffuse radio noise. Terrestrial emission sources in this band include lightning, intentional transmissions from radio stations, and unintentional radio frequency interference emitted by faulty power lines and poorly designed electronic devices.

Here is the most recent version of the observatory's technical description: AJ4CO Observatory - Station Description 2022 01 16.pdf.

AJ4CO Observatory is closely associated with the Radio JOVE project and its sub-group, the Spectrograph Users Group. Among the other groups with which the observatory maintains an association are the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers and HamSCI.

Written works, presentations, and other materials stemming from the activities at the observatory.

AJ4CO Observatory maintains an archive of raw and processed data from the radio telescopes, software used to manipulate the data, and documentation about the telescopes and instruments along with descriptions of the methods used to record and analyze the data.

Live Audio
Live audio from the Radio JOVE telescope.

A suite of online calculators useful for radio astronomy.